Enfagrow Premium Toddler Transitions Formula Powder 20 & 28 Oz


Enfagrow Premium Toddler Transitions Formula Powder 20 & 28 Oz

A baby formula that is specifically designed to keep up with your baby’s transition into toddlerhood.

Your toddler’s milestones are driven by the cognitive, motor, social and communication areas of the brain. Toddler Transitions is made for babies 9-18 months and can help make sure they have the nutrition they need for those developments to occur.

Enfamil’s proprietary Triple Health Guard blend helps support your baby’s brain, nutrient intake and immune health.

85% of brain growth happens in your baby’s first three years. Enfagrow Premium Toddler Transitions Formula helps assure she’s getting important nutrients to foster her growth, like brain-nourishing DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), iron, and 30 other vitamins and minerals.

DHA is a special brain-building omega-3 fatty acid that has long term benefits for a growing child. The following effects have been found in babies fed formulas with DHA compared to those who weren’t:

– Better Attention

– Better verbal skills

– Also better mental development

– Better executive function

The average toddler’s diet only provides 25% of the recommended level of DHA. Enfagrow Toddler Transitions has 17mg of DHA per 100 calories to assure that rapid brain development is adequately supported.


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