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Baby Formula Wholesale

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Enfamil Baby Formula Wholesale

We do offer a wide variety of Enfamil Baby fromula, Enfamil Infant formula Wholesale, Enfamil Nutramigen Powder formula.

Earth’s Best Infant Formula Distributors

All our Earth’s Best formulas are FDA approved for Wholesale and Distribution worldwide. Baby Formula Wholesale

Gerber Good Start Baby formula Supplier

It is a great alternative to breast milk in addition to its ability to help soothe a colicky baby.

Similac Powdered Toddler Formula

Uses exclusive blend of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E is designed to support your baby’s developing brain and eyes.

Baby’s Only Organic Fromula Exporter

Varieties include dairy, DHA & ARA dairy, DHA & ARA lactorelief, whey protein dairy, whey protein DHA & ARA dairy, and soy.

We Supply Infant formulas for every stage of life, starting at Infant nutrition till toddler growth milk. Together with our clients, we make available high quality infant formulas for every stage to match the nutritional requirements of the child and the legislation of the country involved.

Baby formulas are designed to complement or replace mothers milk at times breastfeeding is not possible. (We all agree mother’s milk is the best and should be the first choice to feed infants.)

Our baby formulas are made of processed skimmed cow’s milk with added emulsifiers and stabilisers to help the oils and water mix when you make up the feed. It may also contain

  • Lactose (a natural sugar found in milk) and/or other sugars such as corn syrup, fructose or maltodextrin
  • Plant-based oils, such as palm, rapeseed, coconut, sunflower and soybean oil
  • Fatty acids, usually derived from fish oil
  • Vitamins and minerals from plant and animal sources
  • A couple of enzymes and amino acids
  • Probiotics (in some formulas)
Baby formula Wholesale Suppliers
Baby Formula Wholesale Supplier

Baby Formula Wholesale Asia, Europ, North and South America.

About Us

About Us

Created in the year 2013. We are highly appreciated amongst other suppliers and wholesalers for the optimum quality products that we offer only after complete testing and certification. Global Wholesale Suppliers of premium baby formulas, Wholesale Various High Quality Infant, Baby Milk Powder Distributor China, Baby Formula Export to Hong Kong.

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We have our own fleet composed of dozens of modern trucks. Moreover, we cooperate with leading carriers and courier companies, offering logistics services at the highest level. We constantly look for better solutions, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We use multiple shipping companies but mainly MAERSK, MSC or CGA CGM.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to inspire healthier communities and mothers by connecting mothers to quality Baby formulas. Vision to Better health and well-being for babies, now and for future generations. FOR BABIES UNABLE TO RECEIVE BREASTFEEDING, WE PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY INFANT FORMULA ALTERNATIVE.

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Global Wholesale Suppliers of premium baby formulas, Wholesale Various High Quality Infant and Toddle Formulas, Baby formula Wholesale, Baby Milk Powder Distributor China, Baby Formula Exporter to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, North and South America, etc.